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Robert Jones Photography


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Robert L. Jones is a photojournalist based in Rochester, Minnesota. Hundreds of his articles and photographs have been published in numerous consumer, trade and military publications.

To his work, Jones brings a refined eye and an succinct, ascerbic, writing style.

“The years I spent at Liberty Engraving, working in color-correction, match-printing and pos/neg film duping for Time-Life magazines in New York was by far the best preparation I could have gotten as a media photographer,” says Jones. “I learned much more working on editorial and ad copy than I did in art school, which is why I dropped out of the latter.”

Black & White Magazine has written of Jones’s photography: “Jones maintains a straight-forward yet precise mode of shooting and processing to produce images of superb technical quality.”

A versatile photographer, Jones works in almost every format: “If you want an architectural shoot, I’ve got a beautiful old Agfa/Ansco 4x5 view camera that takes full advantage of the richness of Fuji’s Velvia color transparency film. If you want gritty, I can go out with my Nikon FM-3A and Tri-X black and white film pushed up to 1600. If you need it next day, I’ve got a Nikon D50 digital SLR. If you want a timeless and hand-crafted portrait, I also shoot with a medium format Rolleiflex SL-66 using Ilford Pan-F fine-grained film. I even do shoots with a professional Polaroid camera or my Pentax 110 SLR. I will work with editors and customers to give them just the kind of look they want for their particular project.”

Jones recently completed a three-year tenure as entertainment editor for The New Individualist, a news and commentary magazine published in Washington, D.C. Recent interviews include German film legend Werner Herzog, nationally-syndicated radio talk show host Larry Elder, and Manufacturing Dissent director Debbie Melnyk.

UAW LogoRobert L. Jones is a member of the National Writers Union, which looks out for the interests of freelance writers and photographers in the United States and Canada. NWU is Local 1981 of the United Auto Workers (UAW).

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