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Robert Jones Photography


John McCain Robert L. Jones’s work has earned international recognition. A versatile photographer and writer, his works have been published in such varied publications as Black & White Magazine (U.S.), Entrepreneur, Hoy! (New York City), Lose Blätter (Germany), The Lutheran, Oxford University Press (U.K.), Spirit (Canada), Stars & Stripes, Top Producer, and the Trenton Times.

After spending five years as an Army photojournalist publishing in various military periodicals, and as a staff journalist and photo editor at the Fort Dix Post, he is currently at work on his photography book project Colorpack III.

Jones’s most recently published work is a major feature article on the late German photographer Chargesheimer in the prestigious Black & White magazine, a testament to his versatility as a first-rate photographer and writer (Jones was the magazine’s Spotlight photographer in the October 2003 issue).

ExhibitsSelected Photography Articles:

Route 87San Antonio Monthly: “Los Colores de Coahuila” (with Marimer Navarrete)
July 2007
19.58MB Acrobat pdf


Route 87San Antonio Monthly: "Military Brass" (with Jennifer Litz)
October 2006
1.66MB Acrobat pdf


Route 87San Antonio Monthly: "Route 87 Revisited" (with Elizabeth J. Blankenship)
May 2006
1.67MB Acrobat pdf


Route 87San Antonio Monthly: "Kinky Friedman" (with Jennifer Litz)
March 2006
1.87MB Acrobat pdf


Gas LineBlack & White Magazine: Single Image Awards Annual
2005 Issue: Still Life/Objects, Merit Award
104KB Acrobat pdf


Looking Down imageLose Blätter: "Looking Down"
Fall 2003
540KB Acrobat pdf


Concrete CathedralsBlack & White Magazine: Spotlight Photographer, "Concrete Cathedrals"
Issue 27, October 2003
1.2MB Acrobat pdf


ExhibitsArts & Entertainment:

ChargesheimerBlack & White Magazine: “Chargesheimer” (with Annelu Küsters)
December 2008
223KB Acrobat pdf


Paul Giamatti 
as John AdamsThe New Individualist: "John Adams" (Television Miniseries)
September 2008
455KB Acrobat pdf


A. Aubrey BridgeThe New Individualist: “Light for All: The Photography of A. Aubrey Bodine”
September 2008
9.08MB Acrobat pdf


Bosch FawstinThe New Individualist: “Bosch Fawstin: Infidel Artist” (with Ash Hernandez)
March 2008
740KB Acrobat pdf


Sammy Davis Jr.The New Individualist: “Lust for Life: Photo, by Sammy Davis, Jr.”
September 200714.7MB Acrobat pdf


Santa Fe ArtistConservative Punk: "Santa Fe Artists Resist Progressive 'Relocation'"
February 2006


Abstract Frank SinatraThe New Individualist: “Raising the Standards”
Fall 2005


Eugene OrmandyOxford University Press: Biographical Essay on Conductor Eugene Ormandy. American National Biography
January 2002


ExhibitsSelected Writings:


"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" October 2008

"Manufacturing Dissent," The New Individualist, December 2007
244KB Acrobat pdf

"The Dangerous Book for Boys," The New Individualist, November 2007
213KB Acrobat pdf

"Boomsday," The New Individualist, July/August 2007

"The Last Sin Eater," February 2007

"Monk" (Television Series), The New Individualist, July 2005


"The Larry Elder Interview," The New Individualist, July/August 2008

Texas Chainring Massacre. Conservative Punk, July 2005

"Interview with Johnny Ramone," April 2003 (Published in Conservative Punk, December 2008)

Recounting Vietnam: The Spirit of Persistence. Delaware National Guard, August 2002

An Old Country House, March 2001

"A Conversation with Russell Means," March 2000

"Interview with Violinist Dylana Jenson," Summer 1998

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