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Myung-Soo Park San Antonio, Texas, January, 2000 Antoinette Shepherdstown, West Virginia, 1991 Leslie Scher Sharpsburg, Maryland, 1988 Marion Janssen Emden, Germany, 1986 Leslie Scher N & W Railway, Sharpsburg, Maryland, 1988 Charlotta Janssen Norden, Germany, 1987 Major Madelyn Ashby Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas, 1999 Hermann Janssen Emden, Germany, August, 2001 This is the '80s. Jennifer Linch, Dave Randal, Kelly Rubeck Shepherdstown West Virginia, 1988 Bad Wimpfen Germany, 1987 Professor Howard L. Adelson New York, New York, November, 2002 Jennifer Linch Sardis, West Virginia, 1989 Russell Means, Lakota Elder Founding Member & Past President of the American Indian Movement (AIM) Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2000 Vickie Silva with her nephew Cruz Eagleheart Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2005 Myung-Soo, Brooklyn, New York, 1989 Carl Stottlemeyer, Brian George Bradford's Crossing, Washington County, Maryland, 1989 Ross Harvey Brooklyn, New York, 1989 Colonel David Hackworth, U.S. Army (Retired) San Antonio, Texas, 1999 Cornelia Brouwer Lett Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, 2001 Steven Brower, Artist Brooklyn, New York, 1989 Allison San Antonio, Texas, 2000 Thomas and Nernie Bowie, Maryland, 1974 (Cats are little people in fur coats) Cannes, France, 1987 Julie Ann Stokely New Haven, Connecticut, November, 2002 Myung-Soo in shy mood, Brooklyn, New York, 1993 Corporal David Tomes Infantryman, 1st Royal Canadian Regiment CFB Petawawa Ontario, Canada, June 2004 Native dancer and musician Emerson Begay of the Dineh (Navajo) Nation Timmermann Theatre, Fort Dix, New Jersey, November, 2003 Artist Daniel Valdes at his gallery, Father Sky-Mother Earth Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2005 Krispy Kreme Shop, Augusta, Georgia, June, 2001 Myung-Soo Park Brooklyn, New York, December 1988 Myung-Soo Park Brooklyn, New York, 1993 Self Portrait Artillery Kaserne, Neckarsulm, Germany, 1987 Anonymous, Lisbon, Portugal, 1986 Joe Moniz 56th F.A. Consolidated Mess, Heilbronn, Germany, 1986 Robin DePuty Howard Johnson's Restaurant U.S. Route 202, Wilmington, Delaware, October, 2002 SGT Ivan Vazquez Puerto Rico Army National Guard Fort Dix, New Jersey, February, 2003 Santos & Jimmy Peña, Proprietors Linda's Place Westhoff, Texas, 2000 Finnbar McCallion Fort Dix, New Jersey, April, 2003 Linda Gonzales San Antonio, Texas, July, 2000 Parkchester, The Bronx, New York, 1993 Leonard, Proprietor, Leonard's Barber Shop Augusta, Georgia, June, 2001 Photographer Leslie S. King Lexington Park, Maryland, January 2003 Anna San Antonio, Texas, July, 2000 Ealisaedh Blankenship Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, May, 2003 Christopher Andersen Brooklyn, New York, October, 2002 Julie Ann and Christine Stokely San Antonio, Texas, July, 2001 Amira Roess Laredo, Texas, July, 2000 Dr. Marque Allen San Antonio, Texas, October 2005 Ealisaedh Blankenship Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, May, 2003